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Keep calm & brew on… From classic favorites to craft and specialty beers, City Farms has everything you need to celebrate every day. Stop in for your usual, shop our local selection, or mix it up with something new. Whatever your brew, you’ll find somethin’ for you.

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The Albright Grove Brewing Co. name was inspired by a beautiful, quiet trail in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Their brews are similar in nature to the landscape around us: diverse, well-crafted, and imaginative. The specialize in IPAs, bourbon and wine infusions, and innovative creations inspired by travels abroad.

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Though they skew heavily toward IPAs, DIPAs, and pales Bearded Iris know that each hop varietal and every intentionally selected ingredient contains a multitude of possibilities that can be deliberately unlocked and unleashed, to construct a pint that’s unapologetically itself, memorably composed, and fun to drink. Every time. Regardless of style.

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Austin Eastciders is helping move the mainstream toward cider that’s lower in sugar and features more complex flavor profiles. And with a range of styles, they have truly created ciders that appeal to beer, wine and cider drinkers alike. Not to mention, their ciders are both gluten-free and certified kosher.

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