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Get your charcuterie on! City Farms is here to help you celebrate every day with pre-made or custom boards made your way. Share with a group or snag one for yourself today!

Be sure to visit the City Farms Charcuterie website for more information and online ordering.


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We’re proud to be Blount County’s go-to destination for all things wine, including group tastings and events. From dry and earthy to fruity and full-bodied, we offer a large assortment of today’s most popular brands.

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cheers to the perfect cocktail

Whether you’re shopping for a special occasion or just lookin’ to browse around, we offer everything you need to create a truly special cocktail to go with your charcuterie board.

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indulge in something rare

Named after that one rich uncle we all seem to have, our Rich Uncle’s Room is home to timeless treasures and unique antiques. Explore the best of the best in this exclusive room at City Farms.

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Nothing goes better with a good drink than a board made just for you or your event. Our charcuterie boards are packed to the brim with only the good stuff.

Looking for advice on what to get? Call us at (865) 500-3443

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